Natural Colorants

Natural Colorants
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Natural Colorants

Jo Kirby / Maarten van Bommel / André Verhecken:

Natural Colorants for Dyeing and Lake Pigments

Practical Recipes and their Historical Sources

2014. 114 S. 70 Farbabb. Br.

This handbook provides the basic principles and processes of dying and lake pigment making (using the term 'lake pigment' in its original, historical, sense indicating a naturally occurring dye precipitated onto a conventional usually white substrate, frequently a form of hydrated alumina). The wide range of natural colorants and their plant and animal sources are outlined as is the basic chemistry of the dyes and mordants.
A large part of this book is devoted to practical dyeing recipes that were developed following a study of some of the historical recipes. Their common features were then drawn together to enable readers to make their own lake pigments or dye their own textiles using dyes from naturally occurring raw materials in a simple way – under relatively controlled conditions and using recipes optimised for easy use in the laboratory or indeed the classroom. The reader can try modifying the conditions or the amount of raw material, for example, to obtain different results. Suggestions for simple modifications are given.


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Dyes from Nature

Dyes from Nature

Riikka Räisänen / Anja Primetta / Kirsi Niinimäki:

Dyes from Nature

2017. 292 S. 196 Farbabb. Gebunden.

Dyeing has traditionally been linked with small-scale craftsmanship and many recipes for home dyeing together with guidance for textile printing are included. However the authors also show how natural dyes are now being utilised on an industrial scale and are becoming increasingly important as a source of renewable raw materials.

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Alison Heritage / Adrian Heritage / Fulvio Zezza (Eds.):

Desalination of Historic Buildings, Stone and Wall Paintings

2013. 152 S. Zahlr. Abb. u. Tab. Br.

Salt transport mechanisms between a salt laden substrate and a material applied to its surface; improved methods for assessing desalination treatments and the assessment of the working principle and efficiency of salt extraction poultice systems for use on wall surfaces in monumental buildings by using non-destructive analysis on different material substrates and under different environmental conditions.

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Historische Putze

Historische Putze

Hans-Albrecht Gasch / Gerhard Glaser:

Historische Putze

Materialien und Technologien

2011. 124 S. 150 Farbabb. Kt.

Dieser Band stellt die Erscheinungsformen von Putzen vor, wie sie im Laufe der Jahrhunderte, vorrangig im mitteldeutschen Raum, zu finden sind. Die Autoren, die sich ihr Leben lang der authentischen Wiederherstellung historischer Putze gewidmet haben, geben eine Anleitung zur Neuherstellung der Putzarten.

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Praktische Galvanotechnik

Praktische Galvanotechnik

T.W. Jelinek:

Praktische Galvanotechnik

Lehr- und Handbuch

2013. Ca. 600 S. Zahlr. Abb., Tabellen u. Rezepte. 7. aktual. u. ergänzte Aufl. Gebunden.

Dieses Standardwerk behandelt von den allgemeinen Grundlagen der Metallabscheidung bis zu den diversen Abscheideverfahren, den Oberflächenbehandlungen und der Herstellung von Schutzüberzügen alle wichtigen Themen der Galvanotechnik.

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Paintings in the Laboratory

Paintings in the Laboratory

Karen Groen:

Paintings in the Laboratory

Scientific Examination for Art History and Conservation

2014. 200 S. Zahlr. Abb. u. Tab. Br.

Includes studies not only on paintings by Rembrandt but also on those painted by Frans Hals, Judith Leyster and Johannes Vermeer as well as studies of changes in painter's materials, such as the pigments in Dutch still-life paintings, and in works by Lucas Van Leyden, Claude Lorrain and others.

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