Conservation and Care of Glass Objects

Conservation and Care of Glass Objects
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Conservation and Care of Glass Objects

Stephen P. Koob:

Conservation and Care of Glass Objects

2006. 158 S. 173 Farbabb. Gebunden.

This book is designed to aid conservators in understanding the materials used in the conservation and restoration of glass objects. Principles and methods involved in the cleaning and restoration of historical and archaeological glass objects are addressed, including aspects of deterioration, the ethics and aesthetics of restoration, and proper conditions for storage and display. There is also a discussion of techniques for repairing broken glass and for filling gaps in colorless and colored glasses.
Particular emphasis is placed on the correct and safest methods of handling, cleaning, displaying, mounting, lighting, transporting, and storing glass objects, with an in-depth look at the causes and symptoms of "sick" (crizzled) glasses.


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