East Asian Cabinets

East Asian Cabinets
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East Asian Cabinets

Gabriela Krist / Elfriede Iby (Hrsg.):

Investigation and Conservation of East Asian Cabinets in Imperial Residences (1700–1900)

Lacquerware and Porcelain. Conference 2013 Postprints

2015. 264 S. Zahlr. Farb- u. s/w-Abb. Br.

The international workshop on conservation of East Asian cabinets in imperial residences (1700-1900) marked the starting point for the FWF-funded research project on the East Asian cabinets in Schönbrunn palace.
The workshop facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience between international conservators, art historians and related experts in the fields of Asian and European lacquerware and porcelain.


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