Artists' Pigments 4

Artists' Pigments 4
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Artists' Pigments 4

Barbara Berrie:

Artists' Pigments

A Handbook of their History and Characteristics
Volume 4

2007. 234 S. Zahlr. Farbabb. Gebunden.

The pigments covered in this volume are:
– Pigments based on Carbon
– Iron Oxide Pigments (natural and synthetic)
– Asphalt
– Cobalt Blue
– Arylide (Hansa) Yellow Pigments
This series is aimed
– For the practicing artist to learn a pigment's color, hiding power, lightfastness, toxicity, compatibility
– For the art historian to know how an artist worked, what pigments were used, whether they were pure or mixed, opaque or transparent, layered or not
– For the conservator to devise techniques necessary for care and conservation of works of art; to determine what is original, to repair damages, to compensate for missing portions of a painted surface
– For the curator/connoisseur to know the history of manufacture and use of pigments to authenticate and assign probable dates to works of art
– For the conservation scientist to learn identification methods used, including optical microscopy, microchemical tests, x-ray diffraction, infrared and reflectance spectrophotometry, and electron microscopy


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