Luminous Trace

Luminous Trace
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Luminous Trace

Thea Burns:

The Luminous Trace

Drawing and Writing in Metalpoint

2012. 272 S. Zahlr., meist farb. Abb. Gebunden.

The origins of metalpoint (silverpoint, goldpoint, etc.) drawing are widely thought to lie in classical antiquity. The Luminous Trace investigates the artefactual and literary evidence for the use of metalpoint through the ages from earliest times up to its revival, particularly in the United States, in the later 20th and early 21st centuries, reviewing the history and historiography of metalpoint and its use for drawing and writing. Metalpoint drawings are the central objects of this study and their physical features are the prime consideration, juxtaposed with the written evidence which may suggest why artefacts look as they do.


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