Northern European Metalpoint Drawings

Northern European Metalpoint Drawings
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Northern European Metalpoint Drawings

Joanna Russell / Judith Rayner / Jenny Boscoby (Eds.):

Northern European Metalpoint Drawings: Technical Examination an Analysis

2017. 100 S. Zahlr. teils farb. Abb. Br. ca.

Metalpoint is a drawing technique closely associated with the linear aesthetic of the 15th century, but its unique qualities were still being explored by artists such as Hendrick Goltzius throughout the following century. Using an approach developed for previous research on Italian Renaissance drawings, the authors of this study combined visual examination methods with technical imaging and chemical analysis in order to uncover new information on the materials used by different artists and explore the variations in their drawing techniques. The resulting data is used to make comparisons and associations between various works and also shows how northern European artists, particularly those from the Netherlands, differed profoundly from their counterparts south of the Alps in the innovative way they used incised lines to emphasise certain details in their drawing.
The detailed discussion and documentation presented in this study complements an earlier volume on Italian Renaissance drawings and will be of great interest to anyone engaged in studying or caring for old master drawings.


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