Preparation for Painting

Preparation for Painting
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Preparation for Painting

Townsend / Doherty / Heydenreich / Ridge (Eds.):

Preparation for Painting

The Artist's Choice and its Consequences

2009. 186 S. Zahlr., teils farb. Abb. u. Tab. Kt.

A wide range of issues is covered including the consideration of the preparatory layer(s)' function: optical properties, terminology, as well as materials and techniques used in the preparation of more unusual supports.
The results of technical examination, experimental reconstruction and analysis of documentary sources provide fascinating insights into the relationships between supports, preparatory layers and artistic forms of expression; the offer new insights on the origin and dissemination of certain techniques and related questions of artistic exchange. Furthermore, the influence of preparatory layers on mechanical properties, changes in appearance and deterioration as well as the impact on conservation treatment decisions are explored. The influence of the environment on traditional and modern materials is addressed.


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Approaches to Retouching Paintings

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Stand der Technik, Grenzen und Ausblicke

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