The Artist's Process

The Artist's Process
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The Artist's Process

Sigrid Eyb Green / Joyce H. Townsend (Eds.):

The Artist's Process

Technology and Interpretation

2012. Zahlr. Abb. Br.

The overall theme of this volume is the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. While many of the papers look at the work of 19th and early 20th century painters, other topics include baroque decoration, the controversy about paints in Germany in the early 20th century and non-traditional oils in artists' oil paints. A number of sources that have previously received relatively little attention from scholars of art technology are considered, such as lawsuits, realia and diaries and the use of modelling techniques used in other fields which could be usefully applied to source research to give a clearer picture of the actual trends of development and use of new materials and technologies.
The artists whose works are examined include Francesc Artigau, Alonso Berruguete; Pedro Cabrita Reis; Van Gogh; Francisco João; van Mander and Goya.
This book reflects on the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. It is a contribution to the ongoing technological research in interpreting art from all disciplines and periods and exploring artists' practice as recorded in treatises, manuals, artist's correspondence, journals and also images such as photographs, films or prints.


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