Making and Transforming Art

Making and Transforming Art
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Making and Transforming Art

Dubois / Townsend / Nadolny / Erb-Green / Neven / Kroustallis:

Making and Transforming Art

Technology and Interpretation

2014. 148 S. Zahlr. Abb. Br.

The papers in this volume, presented at the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) in Brussels in November 2012, focus on major transformations of works of art, such as updates of format, function, iconography or appearance and their documentation by historical documentary sources. They cover a wide range of art, periods, sources and approaches, from Dioscorides to contemporary installations: Tinguely's explosive Homage to New York; the evolution and transformation of harpsichords in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the art of anatomical wax models in Spain and neo-Gothic polychromies. The skilful combination of source research with experimental reconstruction and analysis is illustrated in studies of anthocyanin colorants in medieval European illuminators' workshops, and of tempera paint around 1900. Research on artists' materials such as vermilion and zinc white, refers to patents, inventories, diaries and chronicles. The interpretation and transmission of sources in central to several papers. Innovative databases of art technological sources are also presented.


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Painting in Tempera c. 1900

Karoline Beltinger / Jileen Nadolny (Eds.):

Painting in Tempera c. 1900

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A collection of essays by an international group of scholars which provides access to an important chapter of technical art history: the rise in the popularity of temperas as an alternative to oil paints in Europe in the 19th and early 20th century.

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Big Pictures

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Big Pictures

Problems and Solutions for Treating Outsize Paintings

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Künstlerbefragung zu maltechnischen Angaben

Künstlerbefragung zu maltechnischen Angaben

Silke Beisiegel:

Künstlerbefragung zu maltechnischen Angaben

zwischen 1899 und 1938 im Schlesischen Museum der Bildenden Künste zu Breslau

2014. 199 S. Zahlr. Tab. Br.

Erste erhaltene, systematische Künstlerbefragung unter maltechnischen und restauratorischen Aspekten mit Schriftstücken von über 100 Künstlern, darunter Franz von Stuck, Max Slevogt, Otto Mueller, Hans Purrmann, Max Liebermann, Oskar Zwintscher und Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Einzelne Kunstwerke werden in ihrer Technik vom Künstler persönlich beschrieben.

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Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Filippo Stanco / Sebastiano Battiato / Giovanni Gallo:

Digital Imaging for Cultural Heritage Preservation

Analysis, Restoration, and Reconstruction of Ancient Artworks

2011. 523 S. Zahlr. Abb. Gebunden.

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