Theory and Practice in the Cons. of Modern and Contemporary Art

Theory and Practice in the Cons. of Modern and Contemporary Art
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Theory and Practice in the Cons. of Modern and Contemporary Art

Ursula Schädler-Saub / Angela Weyer (Ed.):

Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art

2010. 221 S. Zahlr. Farbabb. Gebunden.

The papers in this volume, published in assocation with the Hornemann Institute, Hildesheim were presented at an international symposium, Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art: Reflections on the Roots and the Perspectives , and confront the theoretical foundation and the ethical and aesthetical principles of the conservation of modern and contemporary art. The limits and possibilities of the development of established positions are tested and new challenges discovered.
The authors tackle the crucial question – whether there should be specific theoretical, ethical and aesthetical guidelines for the conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary art – by starting from important historical theories and seeing how these might be adapted to meet the demands of contemporary society in dealing with modern artworks and all the multiform cultural manifestations of today.
Since the preservation of the concepts and ideas of contemporary art as well as the conservation or substitution of materials requires a highly sophisticated knowledge of the artist's intentions, a most important voice in this context – that of the artist – is found in the interviews with several contemporary artists and collectors assembled in the appendices.


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Authenticity in Transition Changing Practises in Art Making and Conservation

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The papers examine the topic through many mediums including artists' viewpoints, the ephemeral nature of materials, historical perspective. The volume especially focuses on the problems caused by a shifting concept of authenticity to the conservation of artworks and conservation ethics.

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Wann stirbt ein Kunstwerk?

Wann stirbt ein Kunstwerk?

Angela Matyssek (Hrsg.):

Wann stirbt ein Kunstwerk?

Konservierungen des Originalen in der Gegenwartskunst

2010. 176 S. 45 Abb. Kt.

Wann und wie "stirbt" ein Kunstwerk? Wann werden Objekte als noch zu erhalten angesehen? Jede Bewahrung ist mit Eingriffen in das Objekt verbunden, die aber paradoxerweise weder Material noch Ästhetik verändern dürfen. Mit welchen Abwägungen, Gewinnen und Verlusten werden Kunstwerke erhalten?

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Art Handling

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Care of Contemporary Art

Care of Contemporary Art

Iwona Szmelter (Ed.):

Innovative Approaches to the Complex Care of Contemporary Art

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A solution to the problem of methods of preservation for the rapidly developing and complex field of contemporary and modern visual art. Despite adopting the new concept of heritage, the aims and methods of conservation have remained the same, evolving very slowly by following some changes in the history of ideas, human experience and techniques of conservation.

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Digitale Bildverarbeitung als Werkzeug der Konservierung

Digitale Bildverarbeitung als Werkzeug der Konservierung

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Digitale Bildverarbeitung als ein Werkzeug der präventiven Konservierung

2003. 88 S. 23 meist farbige Abb. Br.

Die Minimierung von restauratorischen Eingriffen an Kunstwerken ist die Aufgabe der präventiven Konservierung. Hier wird aufgezeigt, wie durch den Einsatz digitaler Bildverarbeitung invasive Maßnahmen an Kunstwerken reduziert bzw. vermieden werden können.

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Future Talks 009

Future Talks 009

Tim Bechthold (Ed.):

Future Talks 009

The Conservation of Modern Materials in applied Arts and Design. October 22/23 2009

2011. 254 S. Zahlr. Abb., Fotos u. Tab. Br.

Proceedings from the first FUTURE TALKS conference, organised by the Conservation Department of Die Neue Sammlung. The International Design Museum Munich, October 22-23, 2009.
With 27 conference papers this volume highlights the state-of-the-art of scientific research. It presents a comprehensive compilation of innovative practical conservation treatments of plastics worldwide, including continuative informations on materials and authors.

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