Improved Damage Assessment of Parchment

Improved Damage Assessment of Parchment
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Art.Nr.: L 8273-6A
Improved Damage Assessment of Parchment

European Commission (Ed.):

Improved Damage Assessment of Parchment

IDAP: Assessment, Data Collection and Sharing of Knowledge

2011. 128 S. Kt.

The IDAP project was funded by the European Commission under the fifth framework programme. The main reason for establishing the project is the great need for protection of the large collections of parchment which are recognised as being among the most valuable objects of our cultural heritage. This report is devoted to a presentation of the project background, aims, goals and research strategy. It includes a description of the IDAP website, data collection and sharing of knowledge, the IDAP network for professional users in research and conservation of parchment, and the plans for activities and development in the future.


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