Authenticity in Transition

Authenticity in Transition
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Authenticity in Transition

Erma Hermens / Frances Robertson (Eds.):

Authenticity in Transition Changing Practises in Art Making and Conservation

2016. 205 S. Zahlr. teils farb. Abb. u. Fotos Br.

This volume contains papers from the NeCCAR 2014 conference "Authenticity in Transition". The papers debate the various ways that changing artistic practices affect our interpretation, conservation, and curation of contemporary art, with a special reference to the shifting concepts of authenticity and artistic intent.
The papers examine the topic through many mediums including artists' viewpoints, the ephemeral nature of materials, historical perspective.
The volume especially focuses on the problems caused by a shifting concept of authenticity to the conservation of artworks and conservation ethics.


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