Mahlen und Illuminir Büchlein

Mahlen und Illuminir Büchlein
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Mahlen und Illuminir Büchlein

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Mahlen und Illuminir Büchlein von Friedrich Brentel dem Älteren, 1642

2017. 350 S. Zahl. Farbabb., Farbtafeln. Br.

Abstract The Illuminirbüchlein by Friedrich Brentel the Elder, 1642: a 17th century art technical source compared to miniatures by its author Starting from the Illuminirbüchlein (1642), an art technical manuscript on miniature painting written by the Strasbourg artist Friedrich Brentel the Elder (1580-1651), the author studied the artist's painting technique examining 41 miniatures attributed to him or his workshop. The thesis includes the edition of the Illuminirbüchlein which is thus made accessible for further research. The investigations focus on the used colourants and their combination in paintings. Results gained using Vis-spectroscopy and Raman-microscopy on selected miniatures by Brentel allowed to understand the use and distribution of a large part of the colourants mentioned in the Illuminirbüchlein and additionally, in combination with other sources concerning trade and artists' materials, to collect information concerning the form and availability of these colourants. The results prove a high concordance between the source and works by Brentel. The Illuminirbüchlein is written in the well-known form of a Kunstbuch, however its con


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